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Sales Skills Development Tools by Mark Blezard

50% of your sales staff are probably underperforming.

Find out who and why, and fix skills gaps for a rapid turnaround in sales performance & profit uplift.

We are the only assessment approved by the global sales qualification accrediting body, the ISM, and our assessments are the only ones built on peer reviewed UK Government National Occupational Standards for Sales. This means they work and are fully valid.

Sales Assessments.
Choose from our suite of sales assessments and identify skill gaps. Benchmark your sales executives against over 47,000 previous candidates to see if they are competitive.
Sales skills assessment test
Sales Training Modules.
Fix any skill gaps with our specially aligned e-learning modules. The process is fully automated and targets sales training only when required so no 'sheep dip' training approach.'
Sales assessment tools
All assessments are sat online and take between 10 and 30 minutes. This means minimal loss of sales time and rapid identification of sales learning & development needs. The sooner you know the quicker sales will improve. Start assessing selling skills today.
Online sales assessment tools
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Sales assessments in 19 languages



SSA assessments represent an international standard for selling skills. Your staff will be benchmarked against all previous candidates from over 40 different countries. Each assessment statement is timed (to ensure results captured are a true and honest reflection of an individual's skills level) and so it is therefore preferable to select languages your staff are most fluent in.
Our Core Skills package, and the 5 individual modules that this comprises of, can be sat in:
  • English (International)
  • English (US)
  • Brazilian Portuguese  
  • Russian
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Turkish
  • German 
  • Portuguese
  • Malayalam
  • French                              
  • Dutch
  • Spanish                 
  • Latin American Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Finnish
  • Italian
  • Arabic
  • Serbian
However, assessing sales staff from around the world does not mean you need to be fluent in every chosen language. When booking assessments you can decide which language each member of staff takes the assessment in, but then also which language you would like to read their report in. Pretty clever, huh?
International sales assessment
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