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Individual Sales Skills Reports - Easy to Use

Quickly identify sales skills gaps

You will have chosen an online assessment tool to speed things up, not generate a lengthy report that you then have to analyze or hire an external consultant to interpret!


A Core Skills report is largely graphical, allowing you to identify strengths and weaknesses at the flick of a page. Our data is 'dynamic' so when we say an executive is above average today we mean 'today.'



Sales assessment reports that are easy to read
What does a sales assessment report look like?
An easy way to see how good your sales staff are

Each Core Skills assessment generates a 16 page report that starts at Level One - a summary of your candidate’s performance for each of the 5 core skills assessed as compared to the SSA benchmark.

Reading a sales assessment report should be simple
How do your sales staff rate against international averages?

The report then walks you through each of the 5 Core Skills assessed at two further levels of detail.


Level Two, you have the Slider that graphically shows you where your candidate sits [international average] for each skill component that makes up a single Core Skill.


Level Three, the Impact Key (below each Slider) delivers greater detail on the elements within this skills set and looks at how their current levels may affect your business

Team reporting tools


Sales Skills Audit can crunch data and analyse group sales performance in teams ranging from just three to several thousand. So long as you organise your staff into the correct groups prior to assessment, the SSA can compare regional offices, staff by line managers, sales executives by product lines, country by country. The sky is the limit! Team Reports are automatically produced after your second candidate completes their assessment.

The Team Report


Team Reports will handle groups between 2 to 25 executives. Team Reports quickly and easily highlight areas of team strengths and weaknesses, including individual needs analysis, and conclude with a simple “heatmap” summary.


With one single document you can review the whole team’s development requirements as well as isolate how individuals contribute towards this. For larger teams you can join reports with our Comparator tool.

How to conduct sales assessments online
How to assess a whole sales team
Sales assessment team reports that are easy to ready and compare

The Comparator


The Comparator is built into your Booking Manager and is where you can upload individual Team Reports and join the data together for some powerful statistical analysis. Join all your global reports together for one clear, corporation-wide skills benchmark average, and then start to compare regional offices on top of this graph.


So long as you organize your teams correctly prior to assessment, there is no limit to the number of departments, sales roles, or country-specific comparisons you can make.

How to compare sales performance globally
Sales assessment tools for an international sales force

To fully understand how the SSA works we recommend you download the following two brochures below, Reading a SSA Report (based on our example candidate 'Patrick Hall') and an actual report for our Core Skills assessment.

Reading a SSA Report

Reading a SSA Report200.jpg

Sample SSA Report

Download a sample USSA report here
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