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Who are Sales Skills Audit?

We are people passionate about best practice in sales - so much so that we built an entire business around helping you do just this!

Sales Skills Audit Ltd is a Newbury, UK, based firm with sales agents worldwide. Our executive team has an extremely broad-ranging portfolio of skills and experience that includes the establishment of the MSSSB for the UK government (the Marketing & Sales Standards Setting Board, now the NVQ curriculum) as well as sitting on the boards of numerous successful companies.


The biggest common denominator in the SSA boardroom is our passion for sales. Each member has personally sold products and services, managed a sales team or two, hired countless sales executives, and held sales directorships in numerous corporations. They collectively adore best-selling practices and loathe poor customer contact.


All assessment tools are our own product and have been used by major corporations since 2007.


Our assessment service was developed in response to the shocking findings of the UK Commission for Skills report published in March 2012, where they asked 85,000 firms in the UK about their employee skills. Sales were the worst performing role with 58% of firms saying their sales people lacked Customer Handling Skills; and 47% of firms reporting that their sales people lacked Core Job Skills. Clearly a job for SSA Limited!

What type of questions can we answer for you?

  • How developed are your staff's communication skills?

  • How well do they understand your prospect's business?

  • Do your sales executives have the right skills for the job you want them to do?

  • How well do they know the basics of closing a sale?

  • How well can they negotiate, and to what level of competence?

  • Do they have the techniques to make a sales prospect feel comfortable?

  • How clearly do they understand the importance of planning and preparation?

  • The person who just impressed you in an interview, can they be dropped into the field or do they require training before customer contact?


... you got the idea? Then let's give it a go >>>

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