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Five top tips when making a second sales visit

A second sales call: should be a straightforward close, right?

You might have just walked out of a pitch where you really connected with the prospect. It was relaxed and full of positive energy. You are sure you will make a sale to this company.


However, that ‘buzz’, that warm feeling, will not close the sale for you because, unfortunately, when you do return as requested, the chances are that the client will have forgotten what was discussed.


This is a common mistake in sales. We, the reps, remember this meeting like it was yesterday because we are expecting to close them. Meanwhile, they’ve probably dealt with one hundred of their own clients and will have forgotten why they felt positive towards you.


How to conduct a second sales call. 5 top tips to close the sale

So, 5 tips when you are requested to call back after a pitch (because we can’t close them all first time but certainly should second time round).


1) Diary the return call and meeting with the client before you leave.

2) Document clear notes about the whole meeting at your earliest opportunity, not just what they liked but noteworthy facts about the individual and their business.

3) Schedule mini contact points between now and the meeting (an email, text, etc) with interesting bits of news or updates. Don’t try and sell with these, they are purely to remind them that you are interesting, intelligent and care about their business.

4) When you return, do not assume it is a ‘slam dunk.’ Recap on the original meeting in the correct ‘Directional Selling’ path order: Questions, Matches, Reasons for a Close.

5) Stick to this schedule. Do not bounce back uninvited or early simply because you need to make quota. The client needs to know that you are a professional that they can rely on.

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