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Sales assessment guides and sample reports

sales skills assessment

Sales Skills Audit Ltd and our assessment services. Download this brochure to learn more about our company and products.

Sales skills audiit, the world's best sales assessment

What does a Core Skills report look like? Download our "Sam Sample" assessment here.

How to manage a sales assessment

A SSA report is quick and simple to decipher. This brochure walks you through reading the report for Mr Sam Sample.

The SSA Calibration. The assessment modules are based on a standardized competency framework for sales aligned to the N.O.S for sales.

SSA Team Dashboard Report
USSA Reseller Opportunity
Sales assessment for automotive sales executives
Retail sales executive assessment. Retail sales test

SSA Team Dashboard report. How to read your 'team heatmap' report.



Do you know companies that would benefit from using the SSA? Become a reseller and earn money from introductions.

Auto and Retail Reports

What does the SSA Automotive Reseller report look like? Download our "Alan Carr" sample assessment here.

What does the SSA Retail Sales Consultant report look like? Download our "Rita Tale" sample assessment here.

SSA Whitepaper Download
SSA in the press ASTD, Association for Talent Development
Sales Assessment in the Press Raconteur

The SSA in the press:

ASTD - National Audit Reveals Sales Skills Gaps in the United Kingdom 

The SSA in the press:

SSA in the Raconteur, Times Newspaper

The SSA Whitepaper

How competitive is the United Kingdom's sales force?

Is Sales Skills Audit a valid sales assessment and NOS alligned??
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