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Plan your Online Sales Training - fixing sales skills gaps



Sales training. There are 19 Sales Skills Audit e-learning modules to choose from. Each one maps directly over to the sub-competencies identified in an individual assessment report, allowing you to focus sales training in the precise areas most likely to yield an uplift in performance. Your Booking Manager dashboard will automatically match candidate results to the appropriate courses. Access our e-learning modules here.


Business Skills: Online Sales Training

Sales training, Self-management and professionalism. Online e-learning

Self-management and professionalism

Sales training, Exercising judgement and making decisions. Online E-learning

Exercising judgement and making decisions

Sales training, Problem Solving. Online E-learning

Problem Solving

Sales training, Resilience and follow-through. Online E-learning

Resilience and follow-through

Customer Contact Skills: Online Sales Training

Sales training, Spotting Opportunities. Online E-learning

Spotting Opportunities

Sales training, Communicating. Online E-learning


Sales training, Using Probing Questions. Online E-learning

Using probing questions

Sales training, Advising the Customer. Online E-learning

Advising the customer

Customer Engagement Skills: Online Sales Training

Sales training, Matching customer needs to products or services. Online Sales E-learning

Matching customer needs to products or services

Sales training, Awareness of competitors. Online Sales E-learning

Awareness of competitors

Sales training, Understanding the customer's needs. Online Sales E-learning

Understanding the customer's needs

Sales training, Testing and challenging assumptions. Online Sales E-learning

Testing and challenging assumptions

Sales training, Keeping Abreast of New Products and Services. Online Sales E-learning

Keeping Abreast of New Products and Services

Information and Paperwork Management Skills: Online Sales Training

Sales training, Paperwork Management. Online Sales E-learning

Paperwork Management

Sales Training. Achieving Goals, Objectives and Targets. Online sales e-learning

Achieving Goals, Objectives and Targets

Sales Training. Planning and Managing Activities. Online sales e-learning

Planning and Managing Activities

Negotiating & Closing: Online Sales Training

Sales Training. Influencing Customer Expectations. Online sales e-learning

Influencing Customer Expectations

Sales Training. Negotiating sales. Online sales e-learning


Sales Training. Objection Handling. Online sales e-learning

Objection Handling

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