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Recruitment Genie

Stop recruiting sale executives that can't sell.

We can raise the bar on the quality of your sales force.

How to hire better sales executives

A failed sales hire costs more than you realise

  •  an average of £15,000 in salary & expenses

  •  3+ months of wasted management time

  •  lost sales opportunities & burnt leads

  •  damage to customer relations

  •  poor moral with colleagues

Use Recruitment Genie for pre-hire sales skills assessment and organise applicants into 'skills rank order' so you can focus your recruitment time with the executives most likely to succeed.

How to employ sales executives
Recruitment Genie is simple to use

1) Open your account and choose Recruitment Genie in your Control Panel. Select the campaign according to your recruitment needs so that applicants sit our Core Skills assessment in order to apply.

Recruitment Genie, employing sales executives

2) Now we do the hard work. Use our software to ensure you don't waste time interviewing executives without the skills to sell and watch applicants line up in 'skills order' so you prioritise the best executives.

Managing sales recruitment campaigns
Recruitment Genie can:

  • Assess all applicants using our 30 minute Core Skills assessment

  • Assessment covers the five essential skills modules and 54 selling skills competencies

  • Generate a single page summary report per applicant that is easy to read and process

  • Organise all applicants in 'skills rank order'

  • Benchmarks your candidates against top achievers around the world

  • Collate reports with candidate CVs (optional)

  • Runs automatically, you set the start and closing dates

  • Generate a ‘best match’ short-list according to the skills you require (employer can edit skill level goals)

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