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Sales Performance Workbook


Maximising your sales performance uplift

SSA users have reported sales uplifts ranging from 10 to 15%. Imagine what a difference this would make to your organisation?  However, the exact uplift percentage will be proportionate to your planning and management of the programme. The same applies for sustainability of the uplift too.


Our 'Sales Performance Workbook' is a spreadsheet that you can download and populate, modify or copy. Its function is multifarious:

  • Maximising sales uplift

  • Documentation of required actions per sales executive assessed

  • Building a map of your organisation's sales performance vs trainable selling skills levels

  • Getting clarity on the reasons behind poor sales performance

  • Presentation to your 'C suite' of the importance of continued L&D for sales professionals

  • Documentation of precise ROI for sales assessment & sales training programmes

  • Archiving for historical reference and documenting progress every 12 months

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