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The Sales Skills Audit Reseller Programme

Introduce new users and earn commission

Do you work in the sales learning and development community? Perhaps you already provide sales training and have an established network of sales enablement professionals? We have a great sales opportunity for talented business professionals seeking additional strings to their bows.

Sales Skills Audit provides the world's leading sales skills assessment. Over 40,000 have been sold and it is now available in 16 languages. We are welcoming new users every day from over 40 countries.

Our reseller programme is a popular way for like-minded professionals in our sector to earn an additional income by introducing new users to our assessment services.

1) Sign up as a reseller (below) and we will return a formal agreement

2) Open your own SSA account if not already an account holder

3) Introduce new users to our sales skills software

4) Earn 20% every time they purchase SSA credits

The Sales Skills Audit sales opportunity

Download the SSA Reseller Opportunity

Reseller Application

Thanks for submitting!

SSA Reseller Terms & Conditions.

Note: A formal agreement will be dispatched upon acceptance which will require the signature of both parties. The below is for information only.


1) The Reseller accepts and promises to adhere to, all terms and conditions within this agreement


2) The Reseller will be entitled earn from another ‘User’s Account’.  The Reseller must adhere to the SSA rate card in force at the time using one of three “Price Tiers” available unless with written prior permission or a preset pricing arrangement is in place via Sales Skills Audit Ltd.


3) A Client of the SSA must prepay before that Client’s account will become active. A commission of 20% of the total “Credit pre-purchase“ will be paid to the Reseller once Sales Skills Audit Ltd has been paid in full. Commission is only paid on sales of “Credits” and does not include one-off setup fees or branding/white labeling/SSA Pro charges. Commission will be paid within 7 days of the end of a month on all accounts which have settled in full. Payments received after the 25th will be paid within 7 days of the end of the following month.


4) The Reseller may offer the SSA to clients in any country of their choosing. However, it is the Reseller’s responsibility to check with Sales Skills Audit Ltd in advance to ensure the prospective client is not already a direct user of the SSA or the client of another Reseller. Clients will only be assigned to a Reseller once an order is both submitted to Sales Skills Audit Ltd and paid in full or there is an agreed letter (email thread) of client exclusivity for 6 months to allow for a tender process. Once this has been completed for the first time the said Client will be assigned to the appropriate Reseller. No commission can be earned on Clients that are already users of the SSA Licensee Service.


5) Resellers will continue to earn commission from Clients they have introduced even if the Client purchases further Credits direct from Sales Skills Audit Ltd. However, if the client shows no activity within any 12 month period, the Client will be deemed “inactive” and Sales Skills Audit retains the right either

          a) to accept orders direct from that Client with no commission payment due or

          b) to reassign that Client to another Reseller.

Where Sales Skills Audit Limited intends to reassign a Client, then it will give the existing Reseller 7 days notice to enable the Reseller to re-engage with that Client.


6) Client exclusivity only refers to the single office identified as the point of billing addresses.  In the event of multinational users, with offices in several countries, it is the Reseller’s responsibility, and opportunity, to seek further sales from within this network or accept that additional users can be introduced by another Reseller. Again, the billing office will determine who earns the commission so it is the Reseller’s duty to check this with both the prospect and Sales Skills Audit before significant engagement. In the event of any dispute arising between Resellers and/or Sales Skills Audit, Sales Skills Audit’s decision will prove final. This rule also applies to subsidiaries with differing trading names that link back to a parent company already registered with Sales Skills Audit.


7) The Reseller agrees to conduct all customer engagements in a professional manner and not to make claims or promises relating to the SSA’s performance beyond that stated in official SSA literature.  The Reseller will indemnify Sales Skills Audit Ltd from any legal action arising from their misconduct and/or mis-selling of a service.


8) Sales Skills Audit reserves the right to terminate a Reseller’s agreement with six month’s notice, without reason, or immediately in the case of misconduct or breach of these terms & conditions. In the case of Sales Skills Audit terminating a Reseller’s agreement without reason the Reseller will be entitled to future commissions from their existing Client network for 12 months from the date of termination. Should the Reseller wish to resign their representation of the SSA they must agree to disclose all data and literature pertinent to past, current, and future sales activity. All Client, and prospective Client, information remains the property of the SSA and Sales Skills Audit Ltd.


9) Sales Skills Audit reserves the right to change these terms and conditions with 30 days notice including the prices to be charged or the levels of commission to be paid in the future but nothing in this clause will prevent a Reseller receiving Commission already due nor remove an active Client from that Reseller (unless that Client is the subject of a clash between Resellers as provided for above).

Sales Skills Audit Ltd

Festival House, 39 Oxford Road, Newbury, Berkshire RG14 1JG, UK.

Company No. 09540617 Registered in England.      VAT Registration No. GB 211290456

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