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Sales skills and sales performance, what's the relationship?

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

A common sales management mistake is to assume that a top sales performer should be left well alone. After all, they are acheiving perhaps 110% of their target and client retention is excellent... so don't mess with Sally!

But did Sally's sales manager ask himself these questions? Just how hard is she having to work to acheive this and, being with the organisation for some time now, does she simply have the best accounts?

Sales performance is directly related to sales skills, however, it will tell you very little about that executive's skills unless they are properly assessed. Only after assessment can you tell if Sally is having to work overly hard in order to acheive 110% or, in actualy fact, she is applying only minimal effort with limited sales skills but her key accounts are so strong this fact is well and truely hidden from management.

In the case of Sally having limited selling skills, another scenairo is likely, she probably avoids developing new accounts from cold because her approach is poor and rejection is high.

So, the answer or answers will come from starting any sales performance management programme with sales skills assessment. And by answers I mean some of these...

1) Do my executives have some essential sales skills gaps?

2) Could my team increase their revenues without working harder?

3) Are my customers being delt with in a professional manner?

4) Could my sales staff enjoy their job more by having the correct tools for the job?

...and many more once you lift the bonnet of the sales engine and find out what's going on!

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