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Top 10 Tips When Hiring Sales Executives

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

How to hire sales executives that can actually sell.

Top tips when hiring sales executives
How to hire sales executives

1) Do you have an attractive ‘recruitment net’ cast to lure super sales execs? Check your website and LinkedIn profiles because they will check in advance.

2) Would you apply for your own job ad? If not, rework!

3) When possible, engage your sales team with the role description. They might know more than you!

4) Make sure you understand your company’s selling style in advance (Solution, Transactional, KAM, etc.). See our guide to sales roles here.

5) Pre-prepare questions that are specific to your company’s selling style.

6) Run two interviews, pre-screening and presentations.

7) Pre-prepare any role play scenarios and forewarn candidates in good time.

8) Ask about both positive and negative sales experiences.

9) Be prepared to sell your organisation too. If they don’t care about your prospects you shouldn’t be hiring them.

10) Run a sales skills assessment for all second round interviewees.

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