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Remember me?

Why great sales people go one step further...

We meet a lot of ‘characters’ in sales, it’s why I love this job. However, remembering each and every one requires work. More over, it deserves the effort because you never know when a cold lead will suddenly become hot.

Great sales executives remember all prospects, no matter what.
Great sales executives remember all prospects, no matter what.

We put so much time and money into generating each and every lead so, even when they send you packing with an empty order book, NEVER give up on anyone.

This is why fastidious use of a CRM is essential. Treat every lead as a precious asset. If they didn’t buy the first time it is simply a question of when. They need nurturing.

Put your CRM to use, document every interesting point about the prospect and their business and then diary mini contact points over the coming months. Not micro pitches but simple communications to remind them that you are still here and ready to help. Just like in our Cold Calling training notes, you need to get this message across… ‘I’m interesting & intelligent and worth doing business with.’

Sometimes I can diary a ‘mini contact point’ up to 12 months away. Not “Hi it is me, I trust you are well? Are you in the market for XYZ now?” No. Something relevant to their business, newsworthy, “I came across this today and thought of your business. When we met last year you mentioned XYZ, looks like you were right.

Make use of your CRM to stand out from the crowd.

You might not hear back. They might thank you. They might sit up and think ‘wow, I’d forgotten about that meeting but how kind. Interesting…’

So, think of every person you meet as your asset. No matter what the first outcome is. ALWAYS remain the optimist – it is not ‘if’ but ‘when.’ And put your CRM and newsfeeds to work. It will payback, I guarantee it!

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