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The ROI matrix for sales training, finally an explanation!

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

What can you expect from sales training?

Rather like the film, The Matrix, explaining ROI on sales training is going to get us into deep water. But here's our first fact. If you don't take skills assessment and training seriously, you'll be hearing a lot more of this chap below...

Typical return on investment (ROI) on sales training

So, if we've got your attention, here are a few ’factoids’ to help steer you towards a position of sales uplift.

1) It is today ‘generally accepted’ that hiring a sales person, based on a quality single factor pre-hire assessment, will deliver performance benefits of up to 14% revenue increase, simply because you will be hiring ‘best fit’ talent.

2) Our customers also tell us that by developing the skill gaps identified by our assessments, they can achieve sustainable growth in revenue per sales head of between 10-15%.

3) This means that sales people hired through SSA as a pre-hire assessment, and subsequently trained using our bespoke e-learning, should deliver between 24% and 29% better performance in revenue terms than those hired and trained by ‘traditional methods’.

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