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  • Andrew Dugdale

Sales motivators – what drives your team?

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

The data analysis provided here offers insight into what motivates “account managers”.

Motivators are the extrinsic factors that determine whether your salespeople really get up in the morning “ready to rock and roll”’ – or not! The global data in the following charts provide insight into what motivates people from different regions. It will help sales leaders decide whether in general they are applying the most relevant motivators for their account managers. Let’s start by taking a brief look at the role definition of “account manager” in the context of this research.

Account manager role definition The definition of the account manager role as used in this data analysis is: “The role of an account manager is to engage at C suite level to proactively retain and develop existing client relationships and income from a portfolio of significant clients, and also to develop and grow new client relationships. An account manager is expected to manage a client portfolio in order to maximize the long-term mutual value of the relationship for both parties.”*

What are sales motivators? Research carried out over 16 years by has shown that there are eight primary motivators across salespeople worldwide. The higher a candidate scores for a particular motivator, the more the correct alignment of rewards is likely to motivate them to perform. Note: sales managers and sales leaders have different motivator groups. This article is specific to the motivators for account managers.

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