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Sales Skills Assessments
for sales performance uplift

How to assess a sales team. We make sales performance management easy.

50% of your sales execs are probably underperforming. You can fix this today.

• Uplift sales performance with sales assessment

• Powerful sales enablement tools
• Hire better performing sales executives
• Boost profits with sales force excellence

Our clients report an

uplift in sales of between 10 to 15%.

From single use to 3000+ teams. No subscription required.

Sales Skills Audit delivers a suite of market-leading, multilingual, sales skills assessment tools to ensure you hire the best available talent, manage their performance and maximise profits. With integrated sales training, SSA is your all-in-one sales performance management portal.


We are the only sales assessment approved by the global sales qualification accrediting body, the ISM, and our assessments are the only ones built on peer-reviewed UK Government National Occupational Standards for Sales.


This means they work and are fully valid. 👉 Ask Mark Blezard

"A very easy to use, insightful survey methodology that helped us to put a line in the sand from which to plan a strategy for sales development going into what will no doubt be a challenging new year."

Brian Tobin, Head of Learning and Development, Lavendon Group

"Without doubt, the best set of profiling questions I have completed (and I’ve done some American formats). If anything, gave you the chance to set an aspiration target, really good."

MH, Sales Manager,

The Jelf Group PLC

Sales Skills Audit Trustpilot
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How to improve Cold Calling techniques
Understanding different sales techniques

"We found the SSA assessment to be of high validity and consistent with individual sales performance. The 5 modules covered almost all of the key areas in sales competency and the team reports offered a very clear comparison for both individuals as well as identifying team strength and weaknesses. It can be used for sales talent screening during both interview and personnel development processes."

Rachel Zhang | 张晓东
HR Department Manager, VNU Exhibitions Asia


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